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Modalités des prestations

Time & attendance
The service is provided on the basis of an hourly or daily rate.
Fixed-price service
For certain services whose scope is well defined, the service can be offered on a fixed-price basis.
Annual subscription
The subscription covers a predefined number of hours of services to be consumed during the year, in multiples of 20 hours.

The main advantage lies in the possibility of using the service immediately during working hours and days to obtain an oral or written notice or a meeting.

The service extends to a predefined list of persons entitled to use the service, including affiliated companies (parent or sister companies). It is therefore not limited to a project or department and may include members of the Management, the compliance officer and the risk officer.

The assistance budget is controlled from one year to the next.

The number of hours not used at the time of renewal is added to the following year's subscription up to a maximum of 19 hours and cannot be accumulated over several years.

The number of hours may be increased or decreased annually.