David HAGEN Advisory
 Strategic Advise in ICT and Cybersecurity for the Financial Sector 
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Excellence in IT compliance for the financial sector

Our strengths

A significant experience
35 years of experience in the field of IT applied to finance:
  • More than 20 years with the national financial supervisory authority as First Senior Management Adviser, responsible for the departments of Information Systems Supervision and Supervision of support PFS and 6 years as CIO of this administration. 
  • Consultant for a Big Four,
  • Head of IT for the dealing room of a major bank,
  • Head of IT developments for the national card payment operator and national clearing.  
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    Pragmatic and realistic advice 
    The advice on governance and solutions takes into account the high level of evolving technology and the company's ability to implement it.
    A dual competence
    A dual expertise in both the financial sector and information technology makes it possible to foster dialogue with both decision-makers and IT specialists. 
    A tailored offer
    Whether you need strategic assistance, one-off advice or help in compiling files for the supervisory authority, the high-level services are offered in a form adapted to your situation.